What’s the point of paying for a trade show space if it isn’t even going to attract enough attention to make it worthwhile? So many businesses attend trade shows with the same boring booth displays every year hoping for different results. They’re so lacking in punch that clients often walk by them without even a legitimate first glance.

Lucky for you, we can deliver that “je ne sais quoi”that you’ll need to keep that flow of potential clients from ebbing away. We’ll help you captivate any audience from any demographic with our cutting-edge design expertise and make your next trade show the most memorable appearance yet.

What happened to being daring and impassioned? If you aren’t passionate about what you’re doing, then how do you expect potential clients to be? We’ll bring your passions into our work, allowing you to make the most of your trade show appearances.

From the first concept drawings right through to your completed booth, we’ll walk you through our incredibly streamlined creative process so that you truly feel like a part of what we do.

Don’t be just another trade show booth. Captivate your audience with one of our stunning trade show booth displays and make sure that your company is Always Growing! 905.403.0280

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“we had a great conference thanks to you! The brochures and handouts had already arrived at the booth by the time we were ready to set up. We had the pens inserted in every delegate bag and received a lot of attention from it. It was a good idea to take extra because so many people wanted another one for the car! Great idea and thanks again for helping us get this all coordinated! Bamboo to the rescue again. Cheers. By the way, feel free to use this as a testimonial or us as a reference if you ever need.”
Michael Katz

“Thank you guys for the creative and graphic design of all or our marketing material – from business cards, table talkers, postcards, ads, menus and all of our eblast and other special requests – everything is always fantastic. You really listen to what I am looking for and what I need to express and then you nail it. All of your work is professional and timely. Spot-on creativity and deep technical knowledge that can positively affect any company’s image. Many thanks for the 10 years of partnership “

“The team effort of everyone being involved in the process has been something I have never had before. Being able to strategize, receive ideas and have the final product completed in this way has been an experience I have always looked for. Thank you”
Jason Acosta

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