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Thank you for your interest in working with our team. We want to know as much as we can about you and your business before we meet. This way we can advise you on the best business and marketing plan going forward. Please take a few minutes and complete the discovery questionnaire below:

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**Thank you so much for considering to be interviewed and part and/or part of the panel of KNSS Consulting Live! We ask you consider these guidelines prior to hitting the submit button.  Once your form has been received we will be sending you a follow up e-mail with instructions of what we may need for the interview if that is the option you have selected.  Here are some guidelines we would like you to consider:

1) Hard pitching and selling will not be accepted. The goal for the interview is to show our business friends the amazing knowledge and expertise you have. How they can develop not only a business relationship for a short term but also a long lasting one. 

2) When you click submit you are agreeing to the interview with KNSS Consulting and authorizing KNSS Consulting Group will have permission to share your interview through KNSS Consulting social networks. 

3) We ask that you schedule the live interview in your calendar and share the live url through your community offline as well as through your social networks online: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram….etc a minimum of a week a head of time for our communities to have time to plan to attend. 

4) KNSS Consulting will be monitoring for questions through the live event that the viewers will want to ask you and/or the panel. Please be prepared to answer questions that have not been pre approved. We will filter out the negative troll comments and questions. When you submit your request you will be adding to KNSS Consulting aweber e-mail list. We respect your time, your privacy and your inbox. We will only send you e-mails we feel are educational and beneficial to you personally and professionally. You can unsubscribe at anytime we only ask if you do let us know how we can improve.