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“I hired Ben McColm to ghostwrite a non-fiction book for one of my high-level clients and was completely delighted with his work. He masterfully captured my client’s voice, wrote a compelling book which was not only well organized but entertaining to read, and completed everything in a very short time frame. My client was thrilled and so was I.  If you need a class ‘A’ business ghostwriter, I can highly recommend Ben McColm.”
Lynne Klippel

Publisher and CEO, Business Building Books

“Ben McColm is an accomplished and dedicated article writer. I know when I call upon him, especially on a short deadline project, that he prepares well researched articles with reputable sources. He always delivers quality work on time. Ben is my go-to writer.”
James Dewar

Contributing Editor, Metroland Media

“Ben McColm is a professional in every sense. He fully engages himself in all tasks and consistently produces top-notch results. His skills as an editor and writer are invaluable to any serious business. I highly recommend him for any and all business writing needs.”

Linda Antoniuk

Board Secretary, Junior Achievement of Ontario

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a business writer or editor?
Whether you are part of a large corporation or are the owner of a sole proprietorship, your company can benefit from the services of a professional business writer and editor. Corporations will often hire externally when their in-house writers become overwhelmed or when they experience staffing shortages. Smaller companies may not have the budget to hire an in-house writer and will rely on business writers for assistance with important projects or material meant for publication. Whatever the circumstance, a professional writer will help you communicate effectively, and will bring a fresh perspective and discerning eye to your business image.

As you know, producing an inferior product or service is detrimental to a successful business. The same can be said about poor communication. In today’s business arena where Internet and wireless communication is the norm, you are known more by the messages you send, the emails you write, and the written information you produce than by the sound of your voice. What you write is who you are to your clients, your peers and your business associates. If you appear sloppy on paper, the assumption is that your business is also sloppy. On the other hand, if every word you author is communicated with precision, the impact can be very powerful. A professional business writer and editor is a vital filter for your communication, and is an essential part of your team as you strive to reach the next level.

What kinds of things would a writer or editor do for me?

Any communication that you produce for your business can be subjected to the editing or writing process. A business writer and editor can make all of your internal communications such as memos, announcements, annual reports, business plans, and even comprehensive emails succinct and impactful. Also within the realm of the writer are external communications that include presentations, website material, newsletters, blog posts, legal and technical documents, business letters, white papers and public relations materials. An experienced writer is especially important in the production of published material such as trade magazine features, articles, books, press releases, biographies, and marketing content like brochures, media kits, and sales copy.

How does it work?
 You can send any material you wish to have written or edited directly to the writer by email. You will receive the completed work electronically and normally within 24 hours. Urgent or ‘rush’ jobs can be facilitated but may be subject to a nominal but additional fee. The amount will depend on the size of the job and the completion timeframe requested. The writer will be happy to provide one re-write at no additional charge to address changes or clarifications to the completed material if required.
What is a ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter is someone who writes articles or books anonymously for their clients. A good ghostwriter will study aspects of your voice and personality and will accurately duplicate your tone, cadence, and speech patterns in the writing project. The goal is to produce a superb and publishable article or book that sounds as if you had written every word. The ghostwriter forfeits any rights or claims to the material and keeps the identity of their clients in the strictest of confidence.

Why would I need a ghostwriter?

There are two important reasons why anyone would need a ghostwriter; to propel their business into the next level, or to leave a legacy. Imagine how your business would be affected if you were able to use your business experience to write a book and have that book published. Imagine now if that book became a best seller! Another way a ghostwriter can help push you to the leading edge of your industry is by writing innovative and compelling articles in your name. LinkedIn has capitalized on the success of this method by encouraging business leaders and celebrities to post articles on the site. They are called the influencers. Do you really think they all write their own material? Ghostwriters can propel you and your business to dizzying heights. You come up with the ideas, and relax while we write a professional and publishable work that you will be proud to call your own.

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