8 Reasons to Use Promotional Products
  1. To Promote your Company Image and Branding
  2. Advertise new or existing company products, services or facilities
  3. Promote traffic and awareness at events; trade-shows, golf tournaments, product launches, conferences, etc.
  4. Generate leads for inside sales team
  5. Enhance customer relationships
  6. Appreciation gesture to customers and business partners
  7. Employee performance recognition or to promote team building
  8. Team incentives for meeting objectives
6 Steps to a Successful Promotion
  1. Define your promotional objective


    • Determine what your goal is
    • What do you want to achieve at the end of your promotion; are you trying to boost sales or increase awareness?
    • State exactly what it will take to make the program a success
    • What is the allocated budget
  2. Identify your target audience
    • Determine who you wish to promote your company to; existing customer base, generate sales prospects, vendors, partners, employees, etc.
    • Will you promote to a specific industry, demographic (by age, income level, etc)
    • Internal departments as incentives
  3. Plan the product use and distribution
    • How will you get your promotional products to your audience?
    • Present product directly at events such as a trade-show, golf tournament, conference, product launch, etc.
    • Create a direct mail campaign (check out our postcard design, print and mailing services)
  4. Determine a theme (if appropriate to your campaign)
    • Create a message based on a theme to help brand your message in your target audience’s mind
    • You can choose promotional products that are appropriate to your theme or industry
  5. Develop a message to imprint
    • Company name and / or logo may be all you need to use as an imprint
  6. Choose an appropriate promotional product
    • Choose a product that is appropriate for your business or that supports your theme or industry rather than one based on trends, price or perceived value.
    • Successful campaigns work best when you tie-in your theme / message by using a direct mail campaign (check out our postcard design, print and mailing services)
5 Main Categories for Promotional Products

Promotional products leave a lasting impression. Regardless of the type of business, size of target audience or allocated budget, promotional products are an effect tool in putting your company branding where it is seen often and remembered.

  1. Business to business
    • Dealer incentives, business to business communicators, catalogue programs
  2. Employee incentives
    • New hires, sales incentives, performance excellence, team milestones, employee and department rewards for meeting or exceeding objectives
  3. Corporate gifts
    • Customer appreciation, holiday gifts, special occasions such as anniversary, moving, product launch, etc.)
  4. Customer premiums
    • Gift with purchase and mail-in offers.
  5. Non profit fund raisers
    • Prize, charitable events, etc.
3 Reasons to Use Bamboo Marketing Solutions
  1. We’ll listen to your needs
    • Make suggestions to help reach your goals and help plan your campaign.
  2. We are a one-stop shop.
    • We can help you with the design, printing and mailing of your direct marketing campaign
    • Provide you with quality products that best suit your needs and your budget
    • Assist you with ideas and timelines.
    • All of your needs handled at one place means a lot less worries about coordinating and executing your marketing plan.
  3. Good personal hygiene.

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“we had a great conference thanks to you! The brochures and handouts had already arrived at the booth by the time we were ready to set up. We had the pens inserted in every delegate bag and received a lot of attention from it. It was a good idea to take extra because so many people wanted another one for the car! Great idea and thanks again for helping us get this all coordinated! Bamboo to the rescue again. Cheers. By the way, feel free to use this as a testimonial or us as a reference if you ever need.”
Michael Katz

“Thank you guys for the creative and graphic design of all or our marketing material – from business cards, table talkers, postcards, ads, menus and all of our eblast and other special requests – everything is always fantastic. You really listen to what I am looking for and what I need to express and then you nail it. All of your work is professional and timely. Spot-on creativity and deep technical knowledge that can positively affect any company’s image. Many thanks for the 10 years of partnership “

“The team effort of everyone being involved in the process has been something I have never had before. Being able to strategize, receive ideas and have the final product completed in this way has been an experience I have always looked for. Thank you”
Jason Acosta

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